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Chip Attenuators RAC101A

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  • The RAC10 1A is surface mount attenuators, suitable for high-density surface mounting.
  • Suitable for use as DC and up to 3 GHz UHF band frequencies.
  • Similar foot print for chip resistor networks.
  • Impedance of 75 ohm is available.
  • Replaces conventional three-discrete-resistor attenuation circuits with one chip.
Details are shown in pdf-catalog

Size, Rating, Packaging
Style/Terminal Style Size
Characteristic Impeadance Attenuation Minimum Packaging Qty. Rated Input Power
Packaging(Symbol;) Qty.
RAC101A C 1005×2elements
- ohm 0 dB Paper Tape(TH) 10,000 100 mW
50 ohm 0.5 dB - 20 dB
Bulk Package(Loose Package) is available.(Minimun Qty.:1,000pcs) *Details are shown in pdf-catalog
Parts Number System
RAC 10 1 A 1 C TH
Type Size Characteristic Impeadance Circuit Attenuation Terminal Style Packaging
Characteritic Impeadance
Symbol Impeadance
1 50 ohm
Symbol Circuits
A Unbalanced
*Deteils are shown in pdf-catalog
Symbol Terminal Symbol
C Convex Type, With Corner
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