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Chip Fusible Resistors Rectangular Type FRC16, 20, 32

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  • No flame or smoke in overload conditions.
  • Applications suitable for flow and reflow soldering.
  • Ideal product for use in battery circuit applications.
  • Opearates as a typical resistor under normal load conditions - fuse during abnormal overload conditions.
Details are shown in pdf-catalog

Size, Rating, Packaging
Style Size
Rated Dissipation
Minimum Package Qty. Resistance Range Fusing Characteristics Tolerance Preferred Number Series for Resistors
Packaging(Symbol) Qty.
FRC16 1608 (0603)
0.063 Paper Tape(TP) 5,000 3.9 ohm - 51 ohm 1.89W 30s MAX J(±5%)
Resistance; 3-digits

Rated resistance symbols

Significant Figure of Resistance Value

FRC20 2012 (0805)
0.1 Paper Tape(TP) 5,000 1 ohm - 51 ohm 2.0W 30s MAX
FRC32 3216 (1206)
0.125 Paper Tape(TP) 5,000 2.5W 30s MAX
Bulk Package(Loose Package) is available for All Styles.(Minimun Qty.:1,000pcs) *Details are shown in pdf-catalog
Parts Number System
FRC 20 C 2A 100 J TP
Type Size Characteristic Code Rated Dissipation Resistace Tolerance Packaging
Symbol Fusing Characteristics
C Standard
Symbol Rated Power
2A 0.1W
2B 0.125W
Rated resistance symbols Minimum Packaging Quantities (Chip Resistor) Operation Precautions Minimum Packaging Quantities (Leaded Resistor) Products Identification Data
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