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Fixed Thin Film Chip Resistor Rectangular Type RNC20, 32

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  • The RNC Series resistors are thin-film type chip resistors for high precision, stability and reliability applications.
  • Suitable for flow and reflow soldering (including IR and VPS).
  • T.C.R. of ±25×10-6/°C and ±50×10-6°C.
  • Use of RNC series contributes to the reduction of fine adjustment and improves circuit accuracy and stability.
  • Stability class : 1%
Details are shown in pdf-catalog

Size, Rating, Packaging
Style Size
Rated Dissipation
Limiting Element Voltage

Minimum Package Qty. T.C.R. & Resistance Range Preffered Number Series for Resistors
Packaging(Symbol) Qty.
RNC20 2012 (0805)
0.1 75 Paper Tape(TP) 5,000 Deteils are shown in pdf-catalog E-24 Series
E-96 Series

Resistance; 3-digits
*E-96 Series: 4-digits

Rated resistance symbols

Significant Figure of Resistance Value

RNC32 3216 (1206)
0.125 150 Paper Tape(TP) 5,000
Bulk Package (Loose Package) are available in All Styles.(Minimun Qty.:1,000pcs) *Deteils are shown in pdf-catalog
Parts Number System
RNC 32 E 1002 B TP
Type Size T.C.R.

E ± 25×10-6/°C
Resistance Tolerance Packaging
Rated resistance symbols Minimum Packaging Quantities (Chip Resistor) Operation Precautions Minimum Packaging Quantities (Leaded Resistor) Products Identification Data
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