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Fixed Thick Film Chip Resistors Rectangular Type & High Ohm RHC16, 20

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  • Available in 0603 and 0805 body sizes.
  • Maximum resistance value of 150 G ohm.
  • Designed for use in compact instrumentation, i.e. IR sensors, pyroelectrical sensors, etc.
Details are shown in pdf-catalog

Size, Rating, Packaging
Style Size
Rated Voltage
Minimum Package Qty. T.C.R. & Resistance Range Preferred Number Series for Resistors
Packaging(Symbol) Qty.
RHC16 1608 (0603)
15 Paper Tape(TH) 5,000 Details are shown in pdf-catalog Rated Resistance is available on demand

Rated resistance symbols

Significant Figure of Resistance Value

RHC20 2012 (0805)
15 Paper Tape(TP) 5,000
Bulk Package(Loose Package) is available for All Styles.(Minimun Qty.:1,000pcs) *Details are shown in pdf-catalog
Parts Number System
RHC 20 75G0 M TP
Type Size Resistance Tolerance Packaging
Rated resistance symbols Minimum Packaging Quantities (Chip Resistor) Operation Precautions Minimum Packaging Quantities (Leaded Resistor) Products Identification Data
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